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Cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias)

Cypress spurge Synonyms: Galarhoeus cyparissias, Tithymalus cyparissias

Common Names: Graveyard spurge

Description: Introduced to North America as an ornamental plant in the 1860s; widely planted in cemeteries and often called "graveyard weed".

Habit: Erect, herbaceous to semi-woody perennial; grows 6-12 in in height.

Leaves: Numerous, bright green in color, linear in nature, alternate along the stem and in whorls where they subtend the inflorescence; 0.4-1 in long and 0.04-0.1 in wide.

Stems: Erect, semi-woody.

Flowers: Bright yellow-green in color that turn to purple-red as they mature, clustered at the top of plant, the true flowers are small and lack sepals or petals; blooms in May through August.

Fruit and seeds: The fruit is three lobed and contains 1-3 egg shaped smooth gray seeds; fruits are explosive capsules that split open when mature and throw seed to over 16 ft.

Habitat: Native to Eurasia. Found in meadows, pastures, road edges, cemeteries, right-of-ways, dunes, pannes, coastal headlands, grasslands and calcareous glades. Prefers dry to moist sandy, gravelly or calcareous soils.

Reproduction: Vegetatively through lateral root buds, forming extensive clonal populations; the taproot may reach lengths of approximately 10 ft and give rise to lateral roots, which produce adventitious buds.

Similar species: Leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula).

Monitoring and rapid response: Manual control can be difficult due to extensive root system; effectively controlled using any of several readily available general use herbicides such as glyphosate; There are eleven species of European insects (Five chrysomelid beetles in the genus Aphthona and one cecidomyiid fly gall midge, Spurgia esulae Gagne) which have been effective control.

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Common Name:

Cypress spurge

Scientific Name:

Euphorbia cyparissias







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