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Brittlestem hempnettle (Galeopsis tetrahit)

Brittlestem hempnettle Common Names: Hempnettle

Description: Delays the establishment of native species in areas.

Habit: Annual; erect; ranges from 1/2 to 3 ft tall.

Leaves: 1-5 in long, short- stalked, opposite, ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate, and sparsely pubescent on both sides.

Stems: Swollen below leaf nodes; erect; simple or branched; 1/2 - 3 ft tall.

Flowers: Terminal or borne in axillary clusters, range in color from purple and pink to white, 1/2 - 3/4 in long, bilaterally symmetrical with split lower lip.

Fruit and seeds: Seeds are egg shaped, mottled grayish brown.

Habitat: Native to Europe and Asia. Found in disturbed sites, roadsides, gardens, agricultural lands; Requires constant moisture.

Reproduction: By seed.

Similar species: Wild mint (Mentha arvensis); American dragonhead (Dracocephalum parviflorum) and Hairy hedgenettle (Stachys pilosa).

Monitoring and rapid response: Hand-pulling for small infestations; cutting.

Credits: The information provided in this factsheet was gathered from the USDA PLANTS Database.

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Common Name:

Brittlestem hempnettle

Scientific Name:

Galeopsis tetrahit







USDA Symbol: