Chee reedgrass (Calamagrostis epigeios)

Chee reedgrass Common Names: Feathertop, Reedgrass

Description: It is commonly used as an ornamental grass in gardens.

Habit: Grows to a height of 2 m.

Leaves: Simple, opposite, hairless, linear, entire margins.

Stems: Upright; rigid; hollow.

Flowers: Arranged in panicles, single floret and generally purple or purple-brown in color, spikelets are clustered into inflorescences.

Fruit and seeds: Fruits are caryopses.

Habitat: Native to Europe, Asia; grows in loamy, sandy or pebbly soil, clay, moist soils.

Reproduction: Vegetatively through rhizomes, stolons or caespitose.

Monitoring and rapid response: Monitor wetlands, ditches and moist sites, particularly adjacent to areas which receive nutrient rich run-off or road salt. Burning, mowing, discing and digging may stimulate populations. Foliar herbicide treatment in late summer or fall provides effective control for large dense areas.

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Common Name:

Chee reedgrass

Scientific Name:

Calamagrostis epigeios







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