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Garden yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia vulgaris)

Garden yellow loosestrife Common Names: Garden loosestrife

Description: Can be distinguished from relative natives by its red-margined calyx.

Habit: Herbaceous perennial reaching 1 m (3.25 ft) in height, with long rhizomes that can extend 10 m (33 ft).

Leaves: Whorled or opposite, lanceolate with hairs and small glands below, dotted.

Stems: Erect; solitary; simple or branching below; slightly dotted with reddish or blackish spots; densely glandular-hairy; reaches up to 1 m (3.25 ft) in height.

Flowers: Yellow in color, 5 petals, held in a terminal panicle, calyx lobes with red margins, 1/2-1 in wide, smooth; blooms June through September.

Fruit and seeds: Small capsule.

Habitat: Native to Europe. Grows well in moist soils including wet meadows, fens, floodplain forests, streams and riverbanks, and along the edges of lakes and ponds.

Reproduction: By seed and by spreading rhizomes, seed may be water-dispersed.

Similar species: Large yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata).

Monitoring and rapid response: Hand-pulling for small infestations.

Credits: The information provided in this factsheet was gathered from the Michigan Natural Features Inventory and the University of British Columbia.

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Common Name:

Garden yellow loosestrife

Scientific Name:

Lysimachia vulgaris







USDA Symbol: