Invasive plants, animals and pests are taking a toll on Wisconsin's lakes, rivers and landscapes. The DNR is working with citizens and partners to slow the spread of invasive species. Through educational outreach, strategic planning and active management we are protecting our environment and economy from invasives.

-- Wisconsin DNR

State Contacts

Jennifer Feyerherm

Invasive Species Program Specialist
Ph: 608-266-6437

Bob Wakeman

AIS Program Coordinator
Ph: 262-574-2149

Kelly Kearns

Invasive Plant Coordinator - Endangered Resources
Ph: 608-267-5066

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Top Reported Species

  • Common tansy: 6,449
  • Canada thistle: 3,086
  • Spotted knapweed: 1,817
  • Phragmites (Invasive): 1,274
  • Garlic mustard: 867
  • Morrow's honeysuckle: 658
  • Common buckthorn: 657
  • European swamp thistle: 566
  • Wild parsnip: 395
  • Narrowleaf cattail: 333