Cow vetch (Vicia cracca)

Cow vetch Common Names: Bird vetch

Description: Species is a large concern in prairie and other natural habitat restoration or land reclamation projects.

Habit: Herbaceous, climbing or trailing, perennial, up to 3 ft long forb, 1-3 ft taproot.

Leaves: Pinnately-divided into 5-11 pairs of linear leaflets, leaf tips with tendrils.

Stems: Weak; range from 2-3 ft high; clamber over other vegetation; smothering; spreading hairs.

Flowers: Blue in color, 5-parted, 1/2 in long, calyx base not swollen, inflorescence a crowded, long-stalked cluster (raceme) with 20-50 stalked flowers.

Fruit and seeds: Seeds are contained in numerous inch long pods, brownish lance-shaped and flat.

Habitat: Native to Eurasia. Found in fields, roadsides, meadows.

Reproduction: By seed.

Similar species: American vetch (Vicia americana).

Monitoring and rapid response: Pulling small infestations before seeds develop; spray with selective herbicide such as clopyralid.

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Common Name:

Cow vetch

Scientific Name:

Vicia cracca







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