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Starry stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa)

Starry stonewort Description: This species is listed on the Michigan prohibited aquatic plant list. Appears in July and increases through October.

Habit: Aquatic macroalga with smooth, irregular branches; rootlike rhizoids. Forms dense mats that cover lake bottoms.

Leaves: Whorls of 5-8 fine, uneven-length branches arise at an acute angle from nodes. Contents can be squeezed out of tube-like cell wall when cut; dark reddish gametangia.

Stems: May reach 80 cm (33 in) in length.

Flowers: Lacks true flowers. Cream colored bulbs form at the base of each cluster of branches.

Habitat: Native to Europe and Asia. Found in still or slow moving waters; grows at depths ranging from 1 m (39 in) to 30 m (~93 ft).

Reproduction: Probably introduced in ballast water. Dispersed by boats, waterfowl.

Similar species: Common stonewort (Chara vulgaris), which feels brittle and scaly, unlike the starry stonewort.

Monitoring and rapid response: Algaecides and mechanical harvesting.

Credits: The information provided in this factsheet was gathered from the Michigan Lake Info and the Michigan Natural Features Inventory.

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Common Name:

Starry stonewort

Scientific Name:

Nitellopsis obtusa







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