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Girdled snail (Hygromia cinctella)

Girdled snail Description: First detected in Michigan in 2004.

Identification: Shell is triangular or pyramid shaped. About 6-7 mm high and 10-14 mm wide. Tend to be brown to yellow with a white band on the widest part 5-6 whorls. Aperture (opening) of the shell is oval.

Habitat: Native to the Mediterranean region. Found to aggregate in large numbers in gardens and on hedges.


Impact and Damage: Due to this species? tendency to aggregate in large numbers and its herbivorous habits, girdled snails pose a threat to native plant communities.

Credits: The information provided in this factsheet was gathered from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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Common Name:

Girdled snail

Scientific Name:

Hygromia cinctella


(Leaf snail)