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African oxygen weed USDA Symbol: LAMA15
Family: Hydrocharitaceae (Tape-grass family)Duration: Perennial
Scientific Name: Lagarosiphon majorHabit: Aquatics
Alewife USDA Symbol:
Family: Clupeidae (Herring family)Duration:
Scientific Name: Alosa pseudoharengusHabit: Fish
Amur corktree USDA Symbol: PHAM2
Family: Rutaceae (Rue family)Duration: Perennial
Scientific Name: Phellodendron amurenseHabit: Trees
Amur honeysuckle USDA Symbol: LOMA6
Family: Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle family)Duration: Perennial
Scientific Name: Lonicera maackiiHabit: Shrubs
Anchored water hyacinth USDA Symbol: EIAZ2
Family: Pontederiaceae (Water hyacinth family)Duration: Perennial
Scientific Name: Eichhornia azureaHabit: Aquatics
Asian clam USDA Symbol:
Family: Corbiculidae (Freshwater clam family)Duration:
Scientific Name: Corbicula flumineaHabit: Mollusks
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