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North Dakota

Invasive species represent major environmental and economic costs to the State of North Dakota. By putting our native flora and fauna at risk, invasive species threaten to drastically alter our immediate surroundings in urban and rural areas.
– North Dakota State University

State Contacts

Jerry Saude

Noxious Weeds
Ph: 701-328-1919

Fred Ryckman

ANS Coordinator
Ph: 701-770-0920

Chelsey Penuel

Noxious Weed Specialist
Ph: 701-328-2983

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Top Reported Species

  • Crack willow: 2
  • Brown marmorated stink bug: 2
  • Bittersweet nightshade: 1
  • Meadow foxtail: 1
  • Garden yellow loosestrife: 1
  • Canada thistle: 1
  • Narrowleaf dock: 1