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The MISIN smartphone app provides a mobile solution for the capture of invasive species field observation data. You can play an important role in the early detection and rapid response to new invasive threats in your area by contributing invasive species observations to the MISIN database.

  • Identify and report 400+ invasive plant and animal species
  • Capture and submit species observations from the field
  • Include images taken in the field with your observation
  • Browse images and species information on the top Midwest invaders
  • Report invasive species observations for both plants and animals.
    Browse a species catalog of over 400 invasive species critical to the Midwest.
    Simple field data collection allows you to report without extensive data submission.

    • The MISIN Invasive Species reporting smart phone application was developed by the Applied Spatial Ecology and Technical Services Laboratory at Michigan State University. The purpose of the MISIN app is to aid in the collection of Midwest invasive species observations in support of early detection and rapid response efforts. Your contributed data will be added to a growing online database of invasive species observation data for the top invaders in the region. This data can be browsed through the MISIN website ( and is used by land managers to help make informed decisions regarding the control and impact of invasive species.

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  • Click Here to Watch the MISIN Smartphone App Video

    0:00 – Intro
    0:28 – Installation Process and App Startup
    3:08 – Sign In or Register
    5:00 – Location Access / Home Screen
    5:32 – Map It
    5:57 – More (Data Manager, Settings, Help, Credits, About)
    6:10 – Data Manager
    6:35 – App Settings
    7:10 – Begin Reporting Process
    7:58 – Species Details (Photos, Fact Sheet, Map, Mark as Favorite)
    8:40 – Distribution Map
    9:06 – Fact Sheet Information
    9:32 – Photos
    9:45 – Report Presence
    11:07 – Report Absence
    11:37 – Working With Data in the Data Manager
    12:09 – Sending Data
    12:47 – Closing
  • We think that you will find the MISIN app a great new addition to your toolbox. – Development Team

    • Where can I get support?

      Please use the Contact Form to submit general questions about the app or to report bugs/issues you may be experiencing within the app. Our developers will respond to your issue as quickly as possible. You can also email us directly.

    • Will the MISIN app work without a cellular connection?

      Yes, the MISIN app will work without a cellular connection. The observations are stored locally on your phone. In case there is a lack of network connectivity – the app will disable the “Send Data” button and notify you when you are reconnected to your cellular network.

    • Become a registered MISIN user?

      Yes, you will need to register with the MISIN web site and use those credentials to log into the MISIN app before you can save and submit data.