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Whitetop (Cardaria draba)

Whitetop Synonyms: Lepidium draba, Lepidium draba L. ssp. draba

Common Names: Globed-podded hoarycress, hoary cress, peppergrass, whitetop, whiteweed

Description: This species is listed under Regulation No. 715 - Seed Law Implementation as a prohibited noxious weed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Habit: Creeping perennial that can reach a height of 2 ft.

Leaves: Alternate, 1.6-4 in. long, blue green in color and lance-shaped. Lower leaves are stalked, upper leaves have two lobes that clasp the stem.

Stems: Erect, growing up to 2 ft. tall.

Flowers: Numerous white flowers with 4 petals, umbel-shaped.

Fruit and seeds: Heart-shaped and contain 2 reddish-brown seeds.

Habitat: Native to Eurasia. Found in open, disturbed sites such as fields, waste places, meadows, pastures, croplands, and along roadsides.

Reproduction: By seed and creeping rhizomes. Each plant can produce upwards of 1200-4800 seeds.

Similar species: Hairy whitetop (Lepidium appelianum) and Lenspod whitetop (Cardaria chalepensis)

Credits: The information provided in this factsheet was gathered from Colorado Weed Management Association.

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